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Gallows and graves!
Gallows and graves!
Human beings turned into slaves.
Asylum in space!
A terrible place!
All you love will be erased.
Gallows and graves!
Gallows and graves!
Torture chambers fill the caves.
Spikes from above!
Fire below!
Goblins fill your heart with woe.
Arrive at the gates of this prison from hell,
The punished cry as they toll the bells
Goblins are flaying the incoming herd,
The monsters are all horrible beyond words.
Screaming in pain they cry for home
As their skin is flayed down to the bone
Despite their cries they shall not be saved
Yet another race has been enslaved
Fifty at a time their bodies dumped
Into the pit of fire create a blinding blaze
And the stench of searing flesh
Will emanate forever into outer space
Massive chimneys expel awful smells,
Millions of prisoners weep in their cells,
No one escapes from that sinister place,
The gallows and graves at the edge of space.
Descend through the catacombs and meet your demise.
A lake of despair looms before your eyes.
Unearthly creatures hunger for meat.
Don't fuck with their jaws or you will lose your feet.
The scum on the walls is toxic,
Mold is growing on the dead.
Ovens burn the mangled bodies
Cockroaches scurry under doors made of lead.
Shoveling corpses into a pit,
The gallows are covered in shit.
Shoveling corpses as fast as they can,
The holocaust runs according to plan.

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