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Witnessing Of The World Gone Blind
Introspections Of Our Own Demise
Collapsing Structures
Of Extinguishing World
Indicate Our Final Stage
The Fall Of Reason
Chaos Closing In
Nothing Will Ever Change The Past
What You´ve Done Is Who I Am
Waiting-The Scars Will Heal But Last
There Is No Time Left To Pretend
Shater The Ignorance
There is No Time Left To Pretend
I Am The No One
Of Tainted Mind
The Error Of Life- Denied
I Drain All The Gold
Turn Into Stone
I Shape The Unknown-Defied
Decay, See The Decay
Youŕe Drawn To The Taste
Pain Reflects From Your Eyes
We All Seek Our Time
We Were Thrown From Skies
Down To Earth Again
Hidden Away

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Coordinates of Confusion


Negligence texty

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