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Feed the pain, the minds of men
Cured through mental cure, descend
Fix their thoughts, adjust their truth
Intoxicate with no sheer proof

What is it that makes them
so better than the rest?
Knowledge of the masses
blindly rejects our best

Loosing grip - grip of time
Mind Decay
Falling in - fading out
Blank inside

Complicate - no escape
No way out
Drill in - pass out
Needle's eye

No comprehension
For a wider range of perception
Sane illusions
Feelings shut in extension

What is it that makes them
feel the flame so cold
Self-torn and trapped between
this and another world

Cold blood
In their souls
Cold blood
Darkness grows

Lead: Dyz
Lead: Jey

Cold blood
You'll never get lost if you
don't really care where you are
Cold blood

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Video přidal paja65

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