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Killing fields
Too dark to see the day
Paranoia, rush inside
Burning constantly

Strong urge of madness
Worth dying for
Contemplate sadness
Some things you can't control

Now I drift away,
It's just another day
I live in my dismay,
Where did I go wrong?
Sheer insanity,
Escape reality
My own duality,
Nowhere I belong

Strong perpetual decay, never goes away
It's tearing inside me

Counting dead, they're in your head
Come feel control so obscure

Now I drift away,
It's just another day
Shelled inside my world,
Outside is just too cold
Lust driven rage,
Too late to turn the page
Escape seems surreal,
Cannot kill what I feel!

In the hour of thunder
My mind begins to wander
From the cracks down below
An eerie light starts to flow
Inevitable change appears
And it's followed by intense fears
Subconscience will rise above
To feed on the glimpe of my hope

Lead: Jey
Lead: Jey
Lead: Dyz

Falling, falling, sky turns to redd
Whole world comes crushing down,
Crushing down on my head!

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