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I don't get what I want
I get what I need
every single day Im heading off to my dream
and I get everything
that I damn well please
I don't give a damn if you all listenin to me

cuz I run it...
im the only one that really want it
I'm the only one thats really on it
im just being honest

I'm just doing everything I promised
cuz I want it bad enough that Ima make it as an artist
and I know I'm not the smartest and I know I'm not the largest but I promise you that Ima be the one to work the hardest
cuz I promise you I'm just getting started
and I promise you that my skills are getting sharper
so ima get charted
can't be guarded na
I'm the one to get retarded
get the party started yea
get the party started yea
so let me get up on it yea

bitch you got me fucked up
I don't know what's up
pour that shit in my cup
we bout to turn up

crank this shit up so loud
sounds like we're sold out
in front of a whole crowd
we lose control now

y'all take this shit to personally
everybody got a different version of me
everybody got to be learning from me
everybody wanna be working with me

and I feel like there's uncertainty
and urgency to find out what you want to be
but honestly we change our minds constantly
so stop and breathe to find out who you want to be

failure ain't an option
so I'd be cautious
i hope that you're watching
don't try to stop this

work until I'm nauseous
cuz I will not quit
no because I want this
don't try to stop me now

it's too late for you
not for me
I don't give a fuck if you got a college degree
did u learn anything really worth anything?
$200 grand later and were not even working
student loans worth more than what were earning
best lesson I learned is to keep on searching
find your true passion and get to working
better take action or you'll end up serving
that's a fact
so you better clean up your act
so you better grow yourself a sack
and tell the world they can suck on that
don't come back
back your bags
ya take a trip
and don't relax
ya hit the switch
and just attack
ya find your niche
and make some racks
don't hold back

everybody wake up
it's time to break up
with the life you made up
it's time to trade up

live the life you want now
a life you don't doubt
I could give a fuck how
just figure it out

wake up wake up
man this life is a blur
everyone's got an opinion so which one you prefer?

cuz I'll give you one that's coming from an entrepreneur
don't give up on your dream if it's what you deserve

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