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Hathor of Dendera
Lurking ensnarer
Hathor of Dendera
A burning sun
Descends upon
Shadows roam, the day has gone
Dendera's stone
Seems to own
The place for all those souls to mourn
She greets the dead
After life and after death
She wears the crown
of Duat's throne
Her reign's beyond all flesh and bone
House of Horus
The Ankh of greater lust
Upon her horns glows the sun
And she reigns...
Her wings like a sphinx
She's the tormented soul's saviour
Beyond all time is her reign
She's the ancient gatewailer
At those gates she's to find
No god is able to enslave her
Bringer of doom
for those not willing to serve her
Hathor of Dendera
The desert's sun
Underworld emperor
Hathor of Dendera

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Doom of the Occult


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