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Exiled in Transformation - text

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When the will of the King
Formed his first trial
All powers of Din
Were present in exile
When the will of the King
Formed his first trial
Daath feel to sin
And to the lot of Belial
His hyle
In exile
No end
Contracted birth
And chaos
In Genesis
In luster on high
He set engravings
Impress the signet
On the souls of his siblings
Malkuth does feast
On the love of Shekhinah
ל doth serve
As the tower of Binah
Seven in darkness
Seven in light
Followed by eight
22 lie in wait
Purgation from the depths
At the borders of chaos
Shrouded in darkness
I am
In transformation
Adonai Yah-Ōn
Bereshit bara Elohim
Adonai Yah-Ōn
Bereshit bara Elohim
I form
I am formless
In creation
Exiled in transformation
My tears
Are the oceans of Malkuth
Kether ha-Eljon
I am the One
Translucent loss
Ha-rom ‘ad En-sof
Exiled in transformation

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