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Darkside - text


Satan take my soul...
Darkness spreads around me
Black is all I see
Awaiting the final silence
To which I'll bound forever be
A will to fall deeper within
My dark subconscious tells me so
I'm longing for eternity
In his Nocturnal domain
I call upon the dark lord
His glowing eyes will show me the way
Lead me through the gates of hell
Far beyond all weaker life
His evil words are possessing me
Forcing me to release my blood
I feel my life slowly fading
Soon I'll be with you
From the visions of my dreams
Rise the demons from below
I vanish into afterlife
Where the damned will cleanse my soul
Embraced by darkness
The burning kingdom welcomes me
I hear it whisper my name
From the darker side
Darkside - heal me
Darkside - heal me
When entering the darkside
There is no return
The horned master we obey
In the fire where we burn
Darkside - heal me
Darkside - heal me
Down the depths of hell
By the throne of blasphemy
I lust for the unholy flame
I'm one with the dark eternally
On the darkside I am healed
By the flowing river of blood
Now I belong to the evil below
Come join me if you dare

Text přidala Moonlight

Video přidal Louis16


Necrophobic texty

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