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The Cross Burns Black - text


Hatred deep inside
Cities collapse
Our nation collides
War within
Army of damnation
Holocaustic winds
Spread contageon
As the flame rises
Bodies turn to ash
Trophy corpses of the fallen
The cross burns black
Extermination with no remorse
A thousand lakes of red
Pathetic human atrocities
Now buried with the dead
Blood of traitors
Stains my face
Burning all that was then
Slaughtering their stillborn race
As the morals of mankind
Are reduced to nothing
The lords of chaos shall rise
And burn images of horror
Into the minds and
Feeble bodies of all those unpure
Honor and pride shall be restored
Purity through war
Emerging from shadows
New life is born
The past is set right
Purity through war

Text přidala GodKill

Video přidala GodKill

Holocausto de la Morte

Necrophagia texty

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