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Suffering Comes in Sixes - text


I'm the pastor of pain
To things pretty and tight
Hard candy sweet tooth (craves)
Cotton panties black as night

Tattoos of horror come to life
Ripped steel, wet lips
Razor blades,coffin kiss
Salty silk skin, becomes red liquiorice

Six victims
Six lives
Six graves
Six die

Suffering comes in sixes

Unforgiving hands, anoint tender flesh
Choke away ,silver tears
Funeral drones, beat from my chest
Broken blue eyes, scream regret

Blood stained hair
cradles once innocent features
A tangled burial shround
Now hosts a perfect creature

Tameeka completes the cycle
Until the sky cries again
Searching for broken dolls
That only I can mend

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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