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Children of the Vortex - text


Left it all behind
Surely insane
Divine pleasure
Probing outer reaches of inner mind
A light appears showing first sign
Gateway opens, passage revealed
No turning back, the porthole is sealed
Chains of leviathan rip your flesh
On his knees… jesus wept
Open the box
Seal your fate
Passage to the darkside
Which you create
Lament configuration souls of hate
Obey damnation wrath
Dark figures surface seen at last
Don't try to bargain or pay the toll
For if you cheat them, they'll tear your soul apart
Spare no mercy or shed a tear
They live on suffering and strive on fear
Broken will to give
At last to repent
Ruler of this world

Text přidala GodKill

Holocausto de la Morte

Necrophagia texty

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