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Awake yourself to your inner power
The time is now in this very hour
The awakening of the mass is at your hand
We are the ones, we'll make it happen
Listen to your own Light, who grows deep in your heart
Leave your mental aside, realize what you are
Take your role out of the crowd and become the chosen one
Listen to your own heart it's God who speaks to you now
Wisdom through the living To be The One
Is to choose tha path of the heart
Stand tall and fight, to relieve yourself from darkness
Ignorance is not when you stand in the Light
Gather all your strength united with your brethren
We will change this wolrd because we are gods
Love and compassion will drive you out of blindness.
Now walken this Earth as its new Prophet
The time is now, in this very hour
Listen to your own heart it's God who speaks to you now

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The Return of the Witch

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