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Light before my eyes, through the fire I gaze the time
Light before my eyes, through the fire I gaze your life
You can be burned by the light of the fire who is inside
If in your heart you're a lie you'rll never know
What means your life

The divine fire is burning of a blue flame
To the eyes of the one with pure heart
Chosen by the great spirit

There is no time on the other side
You're sinking low or you're flying hig
No more mist in your mind
You will come back another time

Inside your soul I can se a great hope
Leave away your sorrows with the sacred smoke
After you've embraced the sacred fire
Your soul will rise so much higer

Looking at all the others
Gazing at their life into the fire
Sharing the gift of a new existence
To be reborn one with the fire

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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