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Dark Corners of the Earth - text


Dark corners of the earth
Where the elders are sleeping
Where the elders are dreaming
Condemned and banish for time before time
Lurking in the dark
Praying to no one ruling all that lives
Before mankind was here
Coming from high above
Here was their new colony
The time will come again
The door will soon be open
Our people have been waiting for the time they'll be freed
The keys is in their rightful hands our minions will move mountains
And we shall rise again from the dark corners of the earth
Come my minions
Come and pray to us
Something is growing in the dark corners of the earth;
The spawns of the gods are calling for their true masters
Cities of might will emerge from the seas
Knowledge will be at the reach of those
Who chose the truth the false god will fall when reality is revealed
In the dark corners of the earth where everything will begins
No angels or God will appear nor stairway to heaven, the monument soaring is the monolith of the truth
As the shadow become enlighten the chosen ones will be knighted
The prophets are now the fools and the fools become the prophets
Dark corners of the earth the prophecy has returned

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