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A plateau of psychic links
of cruelty and violence
of kindness and sympathy
shaping the unformed

Infinite human sceptomorhes
constructing the nine hells
forming the seven heavens
struggling for perseverance

"Connecting and decoding
re-vitalize, re-animate
feeding and absorbing
transforming and becoming"

Through ophidian riddles
and draconian scriptures
space bending to pure will
the magnum opus is revealed

Listen (to) the heartbeat of the beast
bath yourself in sang real
unlock the gates of parallel
and let the universe unfold

Unite the paradox with logic
blend the real with fantasy
where science and magic collide
the truth absorbs the lie

Through the rite of passage
amidst the rain of mercy
the blessing of the serpent queen
will strengthen your perception

"Let the darkness prevail
so the light may shine"

(Tiamat, queen of the cosmos,
primordial, matter, rise and form)

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