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Murder Ya Life - text


Stabbing your face
With a butcher knife that's really long
I'll make you feel this song
When I beat you down to it
I don't care if I appear wrong kid I'll do it
I represent the death rap, get your head cracked open
Til we stair at your brains
I don't care if you think I'm insane cause I take respect this serious
So if you disrespect, your an idiot
Stick an ice pick in your neck til you bleed like a period
Hear me kid, fear me kid
And if you don't, then you will when I put fear in you bitch
Bring it to you violently, silently
Walk up to you, you have no idea its me
Rocking a mask, popping you fast with a Glock, with a silencer
When you die you'll see;
It's Necro, the sicko, let go, I'm a jack it you faggot, let death flow
Die like a man, if you can, but you can't, so you won't cause your a male ho
Yo, I run this shit
Put guns through your tits
And blast milk all over your cereal
Run your shit, your clothes, your shoes
And if you refuse get your ass killed all over material
Brutal, sadistic, the only way to rip shit, I'm a stay cryptic
Til the end of time
The only day you'll be doper then me with a rhyme is when I quit, dip shit
It'll never go down like that
I'll still be around, from the ground I'll rap
As a corpse, as a verse that's driving the tell all demons on earth how to survive in hell

[Hook] x2
My death rap is attacking you
You're gettin stabbed in the brain with a verbal knife
You better watch your step, and show some respect
Or else I have to murder your life

Chopping you up you fag
And dropping you in a garbage bag
Off of a bridge
Had every ligament frozen in the fridge
Its cheap and its fresh and its all for the kids
Beat you to death
Stomping your grill with combat boots
You faggot, fuck it
Murdered militantly to the best of my ability I'mma stay grotesque
No rest for the wicked
Circle of Tyrants, circulation of the virus
So perverted nation of islands that converted pagans to commit my sins
I'ma choke you with the pen I write with
Get ready for the insertion, excursion through your jugular
Poisoning you blood like you were a dead virgin
Now you got fucked, for the first time in your life your dead
How you like it?
Can't come back ever again, you better get used to it and make the devil your friend
Psycho+logical, where its logical to be a psycho
Astronomical with a rifle, blasting at you if your ass is comical

[Hook] x3

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