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Get on your knees - text


"Baby, Baby I'll get down on my knees for you, if you...."
(repeat 5X)

Motherfucker you know the deal, How I rep up on this porn shit
So yo! Suck it

I lounge gettin blown by PJ sparks at key west
I need breast like Sahara needs a HIV test
I'll hit that pussy up with a nasty attack
Get on your knees like your looking for that last piece of crack
Filthy like Al Louis, jerking off at seventy
Or serenity, swallowing my twenty inches of obscenity
I'm paying a good buck
So slut, you better fuck as good as you look and suck as good as you fuck
When it comes to this porn shit you know who the master is
Bitch I'll leave Necro tagged on your ass with jizz
Sex in the ninteys without a rubber? Yo! thats dead
I like skinny bitches but Debbie Diamond looks like a crackhead
Porn is infested with obscene woman
Vanessa Del Rio word is bond looks like a she male version of Gene Simmons
I'll fuck you in your shitter
Through your panties, you'll be making mad noises
Dressed up fancy shmancy, screaming out like a banshee
Inside a basement somewhere close to Delancy
Where the corner is infested with hookers that look like Brandy
When it comes to this porn shit yo! nothing's new to me
So yo! Dion tell them what you fucking do for me

**"Baby, Baby I'll get down on my knee's for you, if you...."
*Scratching* "Get on your knees"
*Scratching* "Get On Your Knees"** (repeat 4X)
"Begin to Blow"

I'mma hit you with shots of cum
Kelly LeBrock didn't know how to suck cock
But teaching her was lots of fun
Protein eruptions filmed on porno productions
Abductions of sluts that dont know how to suck dick, here's instructions
Put your head down between my legs
And learn the craft, of how to lick and suck
First the head then my entire shaft
I have diplomacy in sodomising Ona Zee
Im know to be, quick to fuck madams like Buck Adams
Juggle my lizard tounge in your snatch
Lickin Lana Sams tits be like
Licking a cutting board with two points attached
Believe me I've tried it often
My schlong almost put Nina Heartly up in a coffin
My cock ain't never soft
It stays solid twenty for seven bom'
Ever since I fucked Medusa clit that snake pit turned my shit to stone
Riz Tony ebony needs twat, be rauncy
Put a biscuit to Ginger Lynn head and forced back in the porn, G
Traci Lords dont think you're excused, from geting further abused
Cause your torpedo shaped tits be jewels
You can't handle it, why is your slut bugging?
Don't she know shes in for intense fucking
Sucking and butt plugging
When it comes to this porn shit yo! Nothing new to me
So yo! Dion tell them what you fucking do for me

"Baby, Baby I'll get down on my knee's for you, if you...."
(repeat 4X)
*Scratching* "Get on your knees"
*Scratching* "Get On Your Knees" (repeat 4X)

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