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The World Devourers - text


This massive gallery of killing tools
A mad number of technological miracles
Weapons not only kill their targets
They also kill those who pull the trigger
Violence - the language of the weak
Let the pen be mightier than the sword
Wartime absurdity
Is economy's prosperity
Greed over conscience
Mothers weep over their dead sons' bodies
While prices are rising on the stock
One man's sorrow - another man's pleasure?
Is that it?
All these victims of greed and loss
All these pictures you cannot forget
Let the pen be mightier than the sword
A soldier's innocence
Devoured by fierce memories
Tamed, deceived
Enslaved by power
Lost, devoured
Consumed with trauma
Enslaved by power
The World Devourers

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The Rising Tide Of Oblivion

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