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The Nothing Doctrine - text


Almighty Uncreator

I am your eyes
I am your ears
I am your mouth
let your grandest hatred echo in my deprivation

A willing bearer of your creed
To consecrate the void

My thirsting mind lies fellow
Fertile soil to all delusion
Reason in me rings hollow
Truth is dissonant in salvations lullaby

This is a hymn of self denial
A nihilist sing of praise
To humbly sacrifice my judgment
And pledge allegience to decite
This is a hymn of self denial
A nihilist song of praise
To abandon criticism
And give in to apathy

Mammons missionary
A self appointed idol
Religious symbolism
Consolidates your foul belief

I beg the light of your divine resolve
Conceal my earthly weakness
I vow to liberate these lands
with your all eclipsing insight

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Omnicide - Creation Unleashed

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