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Age of Hunger
Starving for belief
Era of the mind
Mind of thieves

Age of perception
The new ground is the air
Times of drought
Time to stand our knees

Father of betrayal-Mother of deception
Recive your children of rage
Your sons of vengance
Father of deprivation-Mother of neglect
Harvest the grapes
Harvest the grapes of wrath

Epoch of cleansing
Replacing dirt with filth

Age of justice
The justice of the sword
Era of divine
The pieces fall apart

Age of glohalization
Distrubition of guilt
Age of resistance
Resistance to learn

We sink with greed as we cling to its weight
our progression bleeds itself to death
Starving for exaltation
Our conscience
Age of resistance
resistant to learn

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Omnicide - Creation Unleashed

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