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Jealous - text


I said I wish my hands could do
What that dress is doing
Holding you tight
As your body's moving.
And the way that glass of wine,
Can ease your mind and soothe ya.
I say, oooo baby. I'm gonna do it to ya.

From the wind that blows by
Smell of a scent of your perfume.
From the sun that touches your skin
On a Sunday afternoon.
I'm jealous!

I said, you got me jealous of everything.
Everything that gets to know to you. (Baby)
Said you got me jealous of everything.
Because nothing loves you like I do.
I said nothing loves you like I do.

Said I wish my thoughts could be,
Could be inside your head.
And make you think of me, and you,
In your bed.
Tattoo on your waistline.
Oooo what I wouldn't do,
Said what I wouldn't give to be a permanent part of you,
OOOOO oooooo.



Girl I try,
With everything I am to keep my cool.
But everywhere we go girl you can --
And they don't deserve the privilege of lookin at you girl!
And I know why,
I sound a little crazy, yeah that's true.
But baby when it comes to you and I,
I'll be crazy for you, girl I'm so damn jealous.

Said I'm jea- jealous
Said I'm jea- jealous
Said I'm jea- jealous

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