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Masquerading, the grey vultures
Coalescing in black swansongs
...Of the dead
...As the dead sigh
Therein the quickening shadows
Kisses upon lifeless fingers
...As the dead sigh
...As the dead sigh
...Of always
...As the dead sigh
Over the frontier of always
In remembrance, they are anthems
...The anthems
...Forget not
...For those gone
...Forget not

Down by the waters, beneath the willow drapery
Cold, timeless prince... Cloaked in raven wings
With two penny moons, passage through the boatman
Across starlit waters, were dreamscapes are golden...

How they lived they will be remembered
We now stand in the footsteps of the anthems
Ne obliviscaris
For the noble souls that were and will be
On... The dead sigh on
Ne obliviscaris
They are anthems
Ne obliviscaris
Forget not... Never
What waits beyond in exile's garden sings of the unknown
The renaissance of death echoes eternally, all's not lost
Death echoes
Death echoes
Forget not

Text přidala daisy

Videa přidali daisy, anonyman1997

The Aurora Veil

Ne Obliviscaris texty

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