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Destination Demise - text


A step taken - one of the remaining few
In haste of the end all senses abloom

In a moment, now lost in absurdity
The tables were turned
Cold caress of inevitability
Take me neverwhere - a fabled foreverthere

Of stalwart and will possessed
The monster nurtured within
A mere husk of the former entity
A solemn accord to thee - The resolve's abandoned me

The wolves are gathering
Premonitions of shattering

Fear unfathomed spreads its flame now
Unquenchable stark
Let it scorch the sickness and woe away
Hallowed the pain it brings - sever the futile wings

Listen closely to this discordia
A sonata of dread and throe
The tick-tocks that grow few in number
A journey I must embark - Show me the path to dark

The wolves are gathering
Premonitions of shattering

From the nether reaches of the mind collect the darkest resolve
Count the blessings that never were, count the blessings none
Lay down, six feet to the ground, curse the grimacing heaven above
Stand strong, stand forever tall, prepare for the final fall

As the benign black ascends
From the soul springs forth
Color the walls, color the doors
Color the world all gone

Text přidal Kochac

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