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Crawling behind the claws of hate
There's an agonizing mind looking for revenge
Pulling the carriage of his regrets
Visions of life galloped to despair

A corpse appeared nearby
Perhaps just to his eyes
An imaginary mirror showed his other side
The wicked figure stood next to the man
And spread its ill
To become the only master of his mind

Into the twilight a voice called his name
It whispered: "Hey! Raise your eyes to the sky, wake up"
Against his will, his evil side was controlling him
And the black perpetual shield would not fade

So lying on the ground
In the mirror he found
The reflections of his life showing
His other side
But leaving all behind, he stood up
Run and broke the glass
To become the only master of his mind

Winds of time, running free
Everlasting wars inside his mind
Will end forever
Winds of time, far away
All the paths to the lost world
Lay deep inside the mirror

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