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Tick, tick, tock- it's time for closure
I watch the hands on the clock, it's almost over?
I feel it's coming like it's winter cause it's colder now
Fat-lady type singing, like it's over now
Knock, knock,'s coming closer
I whispered to my baby don't cha worry cause I told -ja
Don't be cryin for me, I'm a soldier now.
I know who's knocking at the door that's Jehovah now (What!)

I know your scared, I see your tears
Got to believe (got to believe)
Can't be deceived (don't be deceived)
Don't lose your faith, we'll meet one day
I see the light, (I see the light)
I feel alright...

I can feel it coming in the air tonight.. oh lord
I've been waiting for this moment for all my life.......oh lord
(Oooh I can feel it)
I can feel it in the air tonight...
Can ya feel it in the air tonight
(Oooh Can feel it)
Cause if ya feel it in the air tonight..
We gon'sleep (that's right)
But it won't be (all night)
(Oooooooh I remember)
That night....cause I was dreaming
I didn't understand, but now I know the meaning
I know that baby you'll be fine, you won't be weeping long
I see the signs of the times, I won't be sleeping long
So tell me can ya feel it, are you listening
Cause if ya feel it, like I feel it, don't be drifting...
Thinking it's too late.(na)...judgement only God can make.
Just wait! Rise you up like he baking cake. (What!)

I'm not afraid...My trust won't fade
Got to believe (got to believe)
Can't be deceived (don't be deceived)
My faith is strong, I'm holding on
I see the light....(I see the light)
I feel alright

I see your tears
I feel your pain
Don't ever worry we'll meet again


O..oh, O. O. O. O...oh......

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