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You said you only loved me, I only loved you too
Oh please, oh please, let’s not do this, let’s talk
Why are you doing this? This isn’t right
Why are you doing this? You’re like a different person
Oh please, oh please, our love can’t end like this
* How can I lose you like this?
How could you leave me like this?
What is this? You said this was love, you said it was forever
Please say something

* Exactly why, why am I the only one crying?
Exactly why, why are you so unaffected?
How could this be? How could love be like this?
What do I do? What do I do? Say something
I’ll be good to you now, I’ll do anything and everything
Oh please, oh please, stop it now, I think my breath will stop
* Repeat
Say something
I can’t tell you to take care, I can’t tell you to be happy
I’m not beside you, you can’t do this to me anymore
* Repeat
** Repeat

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