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Return of the savage - text


Grendel returns
to claim his place
in these grounds
that he stalked
when he was young
Beowulf now fat
and careless
he lives off his king
and grows lazy


He arrives at midnight
to feast on unwary
guards by the
in the kings hall
death all around
the smell of blood
drives him into a rage
he's off the chain


The battle is fierce
Man vs Beast
only one will survive
to see the light
and now the time
has come
to pay the fiddler
the price is too high
and the king dies

Beowulf come out
to fight
Beowulf you'll die tonight


His prized possessions
two skulls and one
tattered arm
that he keeps in his
dark lair
his conquest now
he lays his head on a
pillow of bones
and goes to sleep

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