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Human factor - text


Human Factor
Human Factor
Human Factor

Wear your face
for what's really inside
some people will never
learn anything
because they think
they know everything
envy is a moth
to the heart
envy is a canker
of thought
your slanders
a short cut to thinking
but your slack hand
never gave the world a thing

Is your glass
1/2 empty
or is it
1/2 full drink it up
fan the fire
like the wind
virtue is a bait
for fools, fools
be not quick
to take offence
anger is a foe
to sense
hands of the clock
never stop
wishes never
filled the cart never nothing
what a tangled
web we weave
when we
practice to deceive

Human Factor
Human Factor
Human Factor

The death of the snake
was closer to fate
egos play games and
love to hate, hate
charter member in the
fraternity of
broken dreams
windows of your soul
open into the void
if it's the work of
human hands
what man has made
man can destroy

Do you know
what your after?
or are you
caught up in the

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