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I'm beginning to see how this is taking shape.
Everything I work for seems to turn into nothing.
It's clear to me that no matter how much I give, it will never be enough.
There will always be something standing in my way.
I know that I can push through this,
I always will (I always will) with the support of my brothers.
This is a constant fight we've never lost, we never will (we never will) with the support of my brothers. We will carry on and let go of everything.
We need to remove ourselves from what brings us down.
With one step forward we may come to find what this is and what this is all about.
So take one step back and say what you want.
I was made to overcome the threat of being alone. Even if I was abandoned I won't turn them away.
I might fall on my knees but I will carry us through a war.
Who really cares what you think?
I'm gonna do this for me.
You try to shoot me down and I'll never stop whether you like it or not.
It's plain to see how this is unfolding. T
his is a constant fight that will never end,
I can crumble but I won't quit.
I've got my brothers' back and they've got mine. We can crumble, but we won't quit

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