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I was born to be great
Predestined by those before me
They will never settle for less
As long as I am under they're control
I live a life of captivity
They say the right man in the wrong place
Can make all the difference in the world
Well I'm in the wrong place all the time
Where is the difference I was promised?
I will not be controlled
My destiny is in the fate of my hands
It's time to prove every single one of you wrong
We have stood strong just long enough to get thrown back in the dirt again
With the weight of the world on our shoulders
We have poised ourselves
We reform, reabsorb so that finally one day we can free ourselves
From the constraints that tie us down each night
Never will I see the light of imagination
The torch was burnt out before my existence
Before my existence
I never wanted to be like you
I am not like you
We are successors, surpassers of the former generation

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