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The Growing (Earth) - text

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In a soil older than time
Set on fire by the evil breath
Where sunbeams die between the hazes
And where life is only a weak spark
Grows solemnly a green-leaved tree
Protecting the stars with his branches
Protecting the sky with his arms
Rooted in the earth's ashes
Feeding itself with darkness and grief
The giant shapes its own bark
Where there beats an unperturbable heart
Following the rhythm of the universe
Staring at the sun, the tree keeps growing straight
Rising with majesty he gets stronger with light
Even in this rotten land his will to live was enough
The seed persevered until becoming the god of all things
Mother Earth, listen to my prayer
(This is the way) Don't remove, just purity
Make the whole world untouchable
Feeling the grass again on my feet
There's no border now between you and me
Follow the path, it's your decision
And now make the right choice
Trust your heart
And let nature embrace your soul

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