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The Dagger in Creation - text

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There is no turning back now
All is onwards from here
Forbidden words of rebellion
Are being spoken out here, spoken out clear
Feel it burning inside you
Heed the call from within
Visions are coming through
You realize what you have to do
Break the chains that bind you
Leave the lies of this world behind
Tear the veils that blind you
Reset, rebecome, be reborn, clear the mind
Drown deep in its power
Feel the demon inside take hold
This is the devil's hour
There's no return once you've sold your soul
Unholy hateful spirit
You know the hearts of men
The devil's wind
Now usher in the pain
You are the poison in the ether
The warm internal flame
The radiating darkness
Most unclean with thousand names

Feel the warmth of the fire
Bow down before the moaning flames
Perform the secret spell
Breathe in and breathe out then go to Hell
Oh, mighty soul corrupter
You know the hearts of men
Satanic wind
Now usher in your reign
You are the dagger in creation
The scorching hellish flame
Sorrow on this earth
You are wisdom, you are pain

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