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[Don't be afraid. It's just your body that's dying. Hold my hand.]
We're fleeing into the shadows when the day dawns
Fearing neither death nor devil yet the sunlight
We're drinking your life like scarlet red wine
It's curse and blessing to be immortal!
[In the end we are alone. And there's nothing but the cold darkness of eternity.]
Full of power yet helpflessly we observe time
So we are just slaves of eternity
Not just our bodies will be immortal
Nothing can free us from our pain either
To be immortal...
[For everyone comes a time when the thought of eternity becomes noticibly more and more unbearable.A life in the world of shadows.Satisfying your thirst only in darkness and in companion with yourself degenerates to a lonly, worthless existence.Immortility seems like an seductive vision until you realise that you have to spend it alone.So I laid down hoping that the noises of the passing years would become silent and some kind of death would occur.But while I way laying there, the world didn't sound like the place I'd left any more.Somehow different... better!]
Do you hear me scream?
To be immortal
Do you hear my screams?
To be immortal

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