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"And them a kick up on a real

and them galang and gwaan

tell them reggae music ago go on and on

man a rebel for life, Naâman a rebel for life

Them say them sit down and plan throught them wan reggae feel

Tell them reggae music cyant get steel

Man a rebel for life"

Babylon kill every day it’s not a secret when them a want a thing them go and take it

Them boss up them hand ready to take ina your pocket cause them really don’t care a the pickney them nah serve and protect no

Come together we gonna make it burn the borders and the limits them a push upon we road

Time is now fi break it rebels them a on yah fi shake up your soul

Why none a them a poor like I Them nah speak them a lie

Hidden ina them government

Tell me if I’m wrong but who take care a me brothers

While you’re fighting for power them a only proud and proud to get crowned

So we dance dance Babylon we gonna make a distance hear me now

Another life we a choose cause now we can’t feel no blues

In the morning when me up me put reggae music ina me cup

Naaman Cutty Ranks never stop tell them reggae music nah go stray

No me don’t wanna work for you me don’t wanna take to you

Babylon you’re too ruff and you move like a cruff

No me don’t wanna work for you me nah share your point of view

Babylon you too ruff and me no need no rush to enjoy me life

Naaman is a rebel in the morning and me like that

When me rise it’s not for nothing me go make them chat

And when the trouble knock a door you hear me answer

Reggae music grown me better

Naaman and Cutty have a vibe upon a riddim rebel a true we never need no money spending

Music a big when rebel them a do the thing we got it in we heart Cutty sit right ya so

Text přidala girl_123

Video přidala girl_123

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