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Bad man reload,

need more than a shot fi send a real man outta road

If you wanna see him dead me tell you bad man reload

Nah hope fi a full life if you don’t know your role

you’ll never be a man

Succes is a problem, yes fi dem a problem

Dem a look busy and nah like when we true talk to dem

Watch how we a real,

try never sell out and never dis your deal

Bad man me talk to you

Practice what u preaching, improve your teaching

Show a little youth how a man must be respected

Teach dem mouth to learn before talk cause you really can’t stop any word after you send it out

Hold proudly to your conviction build your mind strong with no too fast opinion

Harvest of a good work a deep inspiration affi humble up your heart and strengthen your soul

Violence away, make your love be the answer, try learn your way before looking for another

Me say watch up out there, away from your corner how the people dem living on

Bad man beware

here no liar can’t tell no lie

Wash your hands before start nyam your dinner runaway If you can’t overstand it

vibes from hypocrite a real man nah deal with

Beware here no liar can’t tell no lie

If you come down a dinner runaway

If you can’t overstand it

Watch inside just fi know who’s the resident

Aboard your ship you are the leader and the servant

Hold the helm and the cloth at the same time

Finally we all need right hand man so

Don’t fool nobody you will payback that shit with your glory

One day, all a those things gonna back on your way you will pay fi what's done

There’s no place ina the battle for your bad habit

Some a them hear the shot after dem get hit

Stay focus on your role ina this tuff traffic cause a delicate boat gonna make shark profit

We are all travelers looking for we tomorrow

When a door is closed over you many more is open

Pon the riverside see dem let it flow, falling with the weight of them heavy tears

Me don’t want no curtains pon my window

Free up me landscape let sun shining more and more

There is no complain I know fi rise up and improve me human condition.

Text přidala girl_123

Video přidala girl_123

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