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A message to Benedict Arnold
No matter how hard you try to be...
Here's what they think about you!

Hello? I was at The Celebrity... and I was wonderin' how that punk Ice Cube got his ass beat by ATL!

Yo! Dat nigga was sayin' he from Compton, he ain't from Compton
He from a planet called: "Punk!" It is full of pussy protein and pearl tounge

All I wanna know is why y'all let his punk-ass in the group in the first place, when you knew what kinda bitch he was?

Yeah, I was in the New Music Seminar in New York!
And I watched that punk muthafucka run... while the rest of his homeboys got they ass beat!

Hello? I'm callin' to say since Ice Cube was suckin' so much New York dick...can he come and eat sum of this Chicago pussy?

I smell... [3 sniffs] PUSSY!

Yeah, nigga; when we see yo' ass, we gon' cut your hair off and fuck you with' a broomstick!

Think about it, punk muthafucka!

Text přidal MrM4sl0

Video přidal MrM4sl0

EFIL4ZAGGIN (Niggaz4Life)

N.W.A. texty

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