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God's Favorite - text


Hey, what's up all the people in the world
Everybody across seas
Everybody, everywhere that love the N O R E
You know, I know all my fans been sitting around waiting, they looking

Said damn it's summertime and N.O.R.E ain't drop one
You know, I drop one four summers straight
I paused this summer though, you know
Learn how to be a motherfucking man

You know, spend sometime with the motherfucking kids and shit
Be a man on my motherfucking own
Still got the crew, still roll with my niggaz, but I just had to focus
Focus as a motherfucking man, as a solo artist, again

I know last time I dropped one, It's not that I let the people down
I let my motherfuckingself down, my mind wasn't there just wasn't focused
But ain't none of that shit no more
None that stress, man, I dealt with all that shit

I know niggaz is sitting around like damn
He named the album God's favorite, God's favorite
What the fuck do you mean by that
I mean with all this drama we be going through

Shit on the street niggaz hating, niggaz from my same origin
Fucking with niggaz they not supposed to fuck with
Man, shit is just to much
Jail calling us, police stressing us like we still fucking hustling

I got to be God's favorite
I been through so much in my life time, as a artist, as a regular nigga
And now as a man
God's favorite

Text přidal Moonblade

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