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In the depths of a ruin, an ocularist discovered a rainbow-colored stone.
"Is this a petrified human eye...?"
It was the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen,
And it seemed as if to stare back into his eyes.
"I shall make it my life's work to surpass this beauty"
He brought the stone eye back to his atelier,
And before long, he came to feel as though the eye manifested emotions.
At times it seemed to shine happily or lovingly; other times longingly,
As if it still harbored feelings from the distant past...
The ocularist tried to copy if and create an artificial eye, but...
"It's still not enough...?"
"Even though I have sacrificed my body and soul for this work..."
He began to feel overwhelmed by various emotions:
Love, nostalgia, loneliness, anger, hate, heartbreak...
A rush of emotions that had broken her heart.
And then he noticed-
Reflected in a mirror, his own eye, too, gleamed with the colors of the rainbow.

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