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The Plot Sickens - text


Have you any methods to your madness
And do you ever talk to the demons inside
Cause I believe the monster under my bed
Has finally taken over my mind

Now last night as I lay peacefully sleeping
I did not hear see or feel a thing
But I woke up to a panic filled feeling
Confusion chaos replaced reality

I got the strangest feeling
My thought are set on dreaming
I think back to the trips I once took
Shouldve read a goddamn book
Half time, Im lost in space
And my clock it keeps on ticken
Cures the knifepoint at my heart
Stick it in

Hate and murder
And voilent crime
So many thought and worse are
What is mine
A plot so sick
While I ponder how human flesh tastes
Upon a stick

Is this a dream or I in
A horror movie scene
Acting out the parts
Im just a captive player in a bad movie
A bad movie
As I watch myself go on...
Another killing spree
Is there one more chance for me?
Can death forever set me free?
When the evil begins to quicken
I know the plot will sicken

Now I spend my days as a phantom ot terror
Hiding out, striking out, no one to stop me
I let them in
I let them rule
I let my demons guide me
Crossed the line inside my mind
Lifes a movie screen
Im a bad dream

Theres a side to everyone
That we like to keep hidden
Let it out to run your life
Oh, the plot sickens
ALone inside in my dark is where I realized
It was by my own means...
I brought about my own demise

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