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Silent Anger - text


You keep on coming to the back of my mind
Tearing like a wolf on the dead prey
I’m scared and alone and I don’t know what to do
I can hear your voice will leave me black and blue

What makes you
Do this to me
You’re not him
I don’t know you anymore

I could not get out of my back door
It took three of us just to move you
There is someone coming with a gun to my house
Oh my God what am I gonna do

I don’t want
To see you again
We can’t live
Our lives this way
You’re not him
I don’t know you anymore
What makes you
Do this to me

I can’t stop the pain no more
It’s coming thru my bedroom floor
Before you hit here once again
I’ll clench my fist
And cover my head

Get out of my house
You cannot live here you are just a lie
Not part of me
I feel so worthless I don’t want to be alive

Silent anger silent fear
The pain is ours no one will hear
You hurt us all
You hurt us deep
These nightmares now
We’ll have to keep

Silent anger
No one can tell
You try to talk
But you need to yell
Silent Fears
Are deep inside
You have to hate
But yer full of pride

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