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Dont know why he does it
Marked killer from birth
Possesed by an animal urge
For the blood of any innocent man

Red rum is written on the wall
Red rum spelling death for all
Cant you see that he must pay
With his own life

Dont need!
Dont need rhyme or reason
Its always open season
Heart racing, helpless victims
Are never in short suply

Labeled seral killer
A creature less than human
Whats behind his cold eyes
No one wants to know

Another night
Another hunt
Another senseless killing dont
Another soul for the netherworld
He takes a life and makes it death
Filth, rottern vomit of society
Release him from his misery
Lives a fate
Worse then death
His private hell
On this earth
Feel the hate
Feel the pain
Smell the fear as it strikes again
Now its time
Its our turn
Reverse the roles
Electric chair will burn


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