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Politically Incorrect - text


Decadence ain’t what it used to be
It's getting hard to even have some fun
I'm the carcass they're the wretched birds of battlefied
Soon there's nothing more for them to feed upon

I get in line at the right time
In department number three
It wait my turn patiently
I pay my fee in green
I'm walkin' up to a nameless face
I'm throwin' my money down
She shakes her head and looks at me
With a big ugly frown

Go away can't get that here
And besides you’re out of time
And furthermore for reasons forthwith
I'm gonna slap you with a fine
Pay up now and we'll file you
And if you sacrifice
We'll sell you back the rights we stole
But you'll have to pay our price
We let the few of mind

Control the mind of many
Some call it freedom
I call it lazy
Vocal minority tellin' me what to do
Know it drives me crazy
Just wanna' kill a few
Insurance is extortion
I'm not capable of drivin'
Can't afford to pay their bills
They’ll take away your license

Well the shit keeps getting deeper
Promises are meant to keep
They keep telling us what to do
But it don't make sense
For me and you

Everyones faded, jaded, apathetic, and complacent
Fourteen year olders have seen it all
And grandfather's medicated
Don't look now
I think I too have been caught up in their trap
Shut your mouth, pay your tax
We'll find someone to take the rap

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