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Perpetual Being - text


Come and die with us it’s a helluva cause
So I’m joining up
And I got my gun
The official reason
And it’s plain to see
We do it for the freedom for you and me

The common thread throughout history
Keeps drivin’ men to misery
They’re only told what they need to know
There ain’t no oil in Sarajevo

We must fly and give them aid
And hold those responsible to blame
They said they are just takin’ orders
Who gave these men the right to take
So many rights away

Found you again on the field of another
Battle my friend
And I recall we were once
Lovers in some other lifetime
You got no choice but to be mine
You’re standing here full of hate

Just a poor boy was I
They said God was on our side
Licensed me to kill and rape
Found what I was looking for
These values I don’t trust no more
Never will I go to war

I think it’s our duty to step in
And stop these crimes against our fellow man
Atrocities before your eyes
Yet no one’s jumpin’ up to stop this fight

Shed not a tear
Together we’ll never die
Journey stands right here
Take my hand and we will fly

We’ve got to stop all this killing
We are just one world
And one must answer for oneself

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Perpetual Being

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