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Laid to Rest - text


Inside my plass prison
Im calling your name
Without you Im lifeless
I just sit and I wait
But the wait wont be long
And youll soon let me out
Those who try cant resist
I was never in doubt
You needed not the warning
Now whos to blame
Wasted all those precious years
Aint that a shame
Your lifes not your own
Always searching to score
Another day another line
Another spoon, one last bowl

Stronger men than you
Ive laid by the wayside
For I deal in pain,
Lost dream and devistation
Your no different them the ones who came before

Laid to rest
Another broken soul
Mindless husk
Just a stinking corpse
Laid to rest
You have lost control
Youve been warned
Now your through deaths door.

You played with my fire
And you thoguht you were cool
But your just another
On a long list of fools
The stage has been set
As you fix your last spoon
Heart pounding faster
Grim reaper enters the room
Faster then lightning
I head strait to your brain
In the back of your thoat
You can taste your mistake
Cold sweat on your forehead
White knuckles on the chair
Unseeing lidless eyes
Into space they stare

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