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Intro + Reflections of the Dying - text




He said through the laughter
Does it even really matter
Is the pain worth the price that we pay
Like the changing seasons
There is never a reason
And the future is just a day away
If we live throguh tommorow
Is it time that we borrow
And who really pays the cost
One thing for sure
It can never be cured
And your soul will be that which is lost

Live for the moment cause immortal were not
Waste all your time and you too will smell the rot
If your blowing all your chances soon you will find
The games all but over and your out of time

Can you feel my pain?

If time heals all wounds then surely its true
That death really does mean rebirth
And were not growing old as weve often been told
Which has scared to death many who have heard
The fortunes of youth it is spoken in truth
Are wasted upon the young
When you realize youll look through the eyes
And wonder what youve become

Refrain and Chorus

Id say the words but youve probably heard
And youll probably hear them again
And I've just one regret that i wont soon forget
Its that you werent here with me my friend
Waste not your tears for in a matter of years
Youll be right here by my side
Through what day is chose
It is only fate who will know
But its always a good day to die

Refrain and Chorus

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