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Power mad leader what a fool
In his veins must run raw crude
Oil soaked brain he's nothing more
Treats his nation like a whore
Price of gasoline raised another dime

If we do not learn from history
Were doomed to repeat eternally
The powers that an take control
Erode the mind and rot the soul
Nothing in the end but wasted time

Black as night, black as pitch
Black as the heart of the foulest witch
Ill make you sweat, ill make you toil
Ill make you work to buy more oil
My name means wealth
My name means power
Men liek Hussein are rented by the hour

THe die for me on the desert sands
The curse of death extends a welcome hand
Like cocaine in a junkies vein
Evil oil makes the world insane
While our mother earth, she screams and cries


Text přidal paja65

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