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Death to All (Peace at Last!) - text


Through all peace time we prepare for war
Striving for the eternal fight
Arsenals which have grown immense
All in the name of self-defense
Only the threat of a nuclear war
Is our guardian, is our ace in the whole
We never learn the lessons of our bloody past
Ideas of peace are noble but theyll never last

Time has come
Now youll die
Death has arrived
Listen for
The battlecry

The arms race is our real war
But on this battlefield none can win
Button pushed brings our impending doom
See your last sunset through day-glo gloom
We must resign ourselves to this immenent fate
Worldwide destruction the future we all await
The end of life at the hands of man
Politics I cant understand


Now from school John does not return
Moms a corpse and the homes in ashes
Homeless survivors we wander lost
Warpigs had thier way it matters not the cost
The glory of war days long since past
Black echose of the youth of man
No more will armies meet to fight
Nuclear war brings peace at last


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