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Born to Be Hanged - text


I’m just like the world
My days of youth slip by
As I struggle to find my place
Under polluted skies
A victim of my own insecurity
I never seem to fit in
Am I gonna lose myself
Or am I gonna win

Master of my destiny born to be hanged

There has got to be a reason for me somewhere
In this vicious circle we call life
Filled with pain

Love honor courage happiness
Hate shame coward I must confess
I’m not dealing with this all that well
I’m not feeling too damn swell

Born to be hanged you can’t drown me

No peace have I got
Always searching for the anger
All boxed up like a child’s puzzle
I got several pieces missing
If I only knew my mind
I’d know all of the answers
Secrets kept lost lock guards
Or where to put my key in

Born to be hanged you can’t drown me

For me fate holds something or someone
I’ve got to find it set my course
Falter not life’s a sea

Needs alive my instinct drives
To honor oaths now long forgotten
I rage inside four walls can’t hide
The flames of my frustration
I remember long ago
We would stare into the sun
Faces shade shadows long
Forever on the run

Master of my destiny

Born to be hanged you can’t drown me

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