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Black Thing - text


Bad feelings are rising in the city streets again
I hear some people cryin’
We need more rights if we’re to win
Over compensating our policy seems to be
I know the future is certain
I’ll be a minority

This is my world
And nobody handed me no job
Busted last night for long hair and an old car
Set the city aflame there’s a 7-11 I wanna rob

With hatred on our sleeves
And an X on your hat
Displaying aggressive racial pride
We don’t need no more of that
Learned the finer points of racism

On the Phil and Oprah show
Your talking way too much then most
people just don’t want to know

Hey man the blues ain’t your monopoly
Don’t blame me I don’t owe you shit
Just as good ain’t good enough
To pay them back
We always give forever for crimes of the past
Equal rights ain’t what they want
Revenge is where they’re at

Oh yeah I said
Freedom is dead

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