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Ball and Chain - text


Well I said to shut yer mouth and listen
I know you don’t know what I’m givin’
I can’t live with or without you
And I know there’s a better way

And if you ask me why I don’t love you anymore
I’ll tell ya why
I think it’s time that we shook the ball and chain
I think it’s time we said goodbye

You keep me down but you never hurt me
I can’t even talk my thoughts desert me
You’re always around there’s no escapin’ you
I feel so dumb now I’ve got something to say

Out of control’s my role with you
Insecure when I let ya thru
I can’t relate to my friends no more
Without you my life’s a bore

Ya leave me hoarse leave me short of breath
as you lead me to my mental death

Hold me till the end of time I’ll see you in my dreams
And though we’ll have to sacrifice
With you my mind’s obscene

My time’s a waste and my money’s gone
I cannot face a life alone
I lost all focus on my goals ahead
I got to motivate myself instead

You came into my life and let me die
I know with you I’m only feelin’ down

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